How to Manage Change and Create Abundance in Your Life

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Like many of you, I feel the challenge of navigating through the phenomenal overload of information and the exhausting pace of change. How can we possibly deal with so many concurrent world issues that affect us all? Yes, much of what is happening is wonderful, yet some of it is just too much. So today, I pondered on how to manage this exponential growth of information to collectively create a real global abundance.

To manage through the complexities of overwhelm of information and the global realization that we are all connected in facing these challenges takes a new skill. It means that we must better manage our emotional response, be able to listen to intuition and engage common sense intelligence to act with compassion. Simply put by Gandhi, “Be the change the we want to see in the world.” Okay, we may not be exactly like Gandhi, but we can make simple positive changes that make things better. How do we do this?

First, believe its possible. Abundance is possible. Peter Diamandis defines abundance as the real potential to create abundance for all on this earth. In his book Abundance, Diamandis writes:

Imagine a world of 9 billion people with clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education, top-tier medical care, and nonpolluting, ubiquitous energy … Providing abundance is humanity’s grandest challenge — one that together, with intention and action, we can make happen within our lifetime.



We know that the world is rapidly changing. Moore’s Law of exponential growth shows the dramatic reduction in the cost of file storage and computing. The impact of this growth is evident by how we immediately know about events around the globe. In real time we watch disasters and events unfold. And now, via social media, we can often participate in these events. In remote Africa, a Maasai elder uses a smartphone containing access to more information than U.S. presidents did 20 years ago. Islands in Thailand have no roads but they have smartphone access to the Internet and all of its information. We are connected to billions of people and terabytes of information.

Second, recognize that we all have the capability to positively create abundance and manage this phenomenal growth. In my view, it requires the heart and brain working closely together for individuals to act with both intelligence and compassion. At the Institute of HeartMath, they are researching heart coherence and intuition. Rollin McCraty, director of research at the Institute of HeartMath, states that:

Access to our heart’s intuition varies among people, yet we all have it. As we learn to slow down our mind and attune to our heart feelings, our natural intuitive connection can occur. Our intuitive insights often unfold more understanding of life than years of accumulated knowledge. That’s why the state of coherence is rapidly gaining interest … Through coherence, we are able to access intuition and understand how we impact others on a psychology level. You can affect an environment and our choices in the moment. We can enable a group to operate more effectively to manage the change and solve major problems. What is needed it capability and coherence. Compassion and Intelligence and Experience working together.

We have a choice in every moment to intentionally access our hearts intuitive guidance and wisdom — and it helps to have practical tools and techniques to do this. These techniques enable us to remove the barriers and biases created by negative emotions hijacking the brain’s perception of situations. Thus, the technique enables us to see the possibilities rather than only seeing the fear. The positive perception enables the creation of solutions.

Third, add in the shared wisdom of many people working together to solve problems. Intuitive choice creates a tipping point for positive change. Recycling trash and driving hybrid cars become cool. Organic local food becomes a high growth market. Email messages stop being a source of stress at work resulting in more innovation. First responders run towards the injured to help others even in the face of danger. The individual choices in the moment enable all to benefit. We all share the same desire for a better and fulfilled life. If we collectively care for each other and facilitate the ability to operate as our authentic selves, we have the mastery to mange through this rapidly changing world.

HeartMath techniques help to accelerate and direct the process of bringing three forces together:

  • Managing emotional response to feel true compassion
  • Empowering intuitive ability to manage complexity
  • Collaborating to create intelligent solutions

Live life with the knowledge that there is more good in the world than evil. The small positive changes we make each day make a difference for us, for our community and for our world.