Do you feel lucky?


The Luck of the Irish to you!  It’s a wonderful saying but not sure what the Irish have that is lucky. …except an amazing passion for living life.   I do feel lucky.  In Mar, I was lucky enough to be in the San Francisco St Pats day Parade.  My Cousins are half Irish and very involved in the Irish community.  My Cousin Pat organizes the parade float every year with his life long friend Myles.  Pat’s wife Leslie plans most of the event and is a total blast to hang out with.   The St Pats Day parade and its related project reminds me how lucky we are to experience life in this area.


The St Pats Parade Crew

I am so lucky to have my family – over a hundred of us in the immediate family.  We all grew up together.  Now, we have to work a bit harder at staying connected.  So, the St Pats day is a great way to be connected.   It creates some amazing experiences.  The event comes equipped with plenty of Irish beer and lots of dancing to Myles’ band on the float.  We celebrate life, our heritage, the City and our friends and family.

What does lucky mean to you?   Some people identify with winning millions in the lotto or getting that perfect job or marrying their soul mate.  Lately, I’ve realized that we are lucky no matter what.  We are here.  The odds of anyone being alive is infinity small (basically zero) as stated by Dr Ali Binazir.  So, we are already lucky just by being alive.  Why not be the miracle that we are and treat each living person as the miracle they are too?

There are so many ways to be reminded how luck we are. With awareness and practice, it is possible to easily switch into a more positive view or attitude.  When you have an attitude or negative emotion that you want to change, there are ways to learn how to replace it with a new one. One of the techniques that HeartMath trainers teach is called attitude replacement.

  1. First be aware of the feelings that you have
  2. Second, pause and have compassion for yourself, the person and the situation
  3. Third, ask what would be a better attitude to have even if it is neutral 

One way to help shift how you feel, is by feeling gratitude for what is wonderful or beautiful in your life.  It might be as simple as a beautiful flower or the seashore. Or as important as the face of a loved one or the greeting from a pet.   Find at least one thing about which to feel luck and grateful.  It is a miracle and so very lucky to be alive.